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Self Care Level Two

Now it is time to get down to the concerns. Within this level is when you finally attempt to heal or confront that which is causing any mental distress. However, you may not be ready for that step, and that is okay. You are free to focus on Level One Self Care until you are ready.

There are multiple pathways within this Level that you can take. Some of which you may be familiar with, such as cutting out negative people within your life or going to therapy. Others may not be as obvious, such as mindfulness.

Working with a Therapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist

One of the most well known pathways for progressing with your mental health is going to a mental health professional. It is important to remember that you may have to talk about difficult things with these individuals. However, they are supposed to be there to help you.

There are some important things to remember with going into therapy. You need to talk to them. They unfortunately are unable to read your mind and understand what is going on. You may not want to talk about it, but that is the only way they can help you is if you tell them.

Also, if you feel they are not progressing in your treatment correctly (i.e. they refuse to prescribe medication although you feel you may need it, or they cancel many appointments) you are able to choose another. Do not let your experience with one therapist or psychiatrist prevent you from getting help from another. Sometimes it isn’t a great match at first.

Recognizing What is Negative

Often you hear people talk about how you need to cut negative people out of your life. But it is way easier said than done. First you need to recognize who is truly negative. Are you constantly making excuses for their behavior? Do they often make you feel bad when you are around them (deliberately or not)? Have you felt a negative change in emotion since they have come into your life or since they have gone through a change? These are some things to look for when identifying a negative person.

Negative things are not necessarily people. Sometimes things such as Social Media can present a negative connotation in your life. Or a negative atmosphere within a job. Recognizing these is important.

You may not be ready to cut a negative person out of your life. You may grow to rely on them or need them. You may not know whether you want them out of your life or not. Or you may be unable to. The negative person may be family or if there is a negative atmosphere within the job, you may need that job.

This is where you need to make sure you have things outside of these negative interactions. Make sure you spend time with other people who are more positive in your life. Have a hobby that brings you happiness. I know that you cannot cancel out the negativity, but it can give you some light within those dark spaces until you are able to get rid of the negativity.

Practicing Mindfulness

Sometimes people recommend meditation or mindfulness to help with mental health. It takes great patience to practice this as well as understanding with yourself. With practicing mindfulness, you observe your thoughts without judgement.

Often we are judging our thoughts, blaming ourselves, being hard on ourselves for feeling a certain way. Learning to simply observe your thoughts without doing this takes practice and patience as well as can bring up difficult thoughts and emotions.

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Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. If you are in extreme crisis please call your local emergency services or your local suicide hotline. This site is a collection of research and resources to help you.