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Self Care Level One

This is the level in which most people are familiar with self care. Doing tasks which help calm the mind and body as well as help alleviate stress. These tasks can be beneficial to do if you are feeling overwhelmed, are waiting for a doctors appointment (see more in level two) or if you are currently in crisis and need something to try to calm you down in the moment.

If you are in crisis I strongly recommend you contact your local crisis hotline to assist with calming you. Some of these tasks may seem small and “dumb” while you are in crisis however they can be helpful for some feeling overwhelmed or in emotional distress. Still, contact the hotlines as they are there to help you. Hotlines are organized by country in the Hotlines section of this site.

Level One Self Care Activities

The tasks listed below are activities that I would consider “Level One Self Care.” Thank you Kirsten (@ProKindProject on Twitter and Instagram) for assiting in providing these activities.

  • Take a Warm Shower or Bath
  • Deep Condition your Hair or do a Hair Mask
  • Apply a Face Mask
  • Take Time off of Your Phone or the Internet (See more in Level Two)
  • Binge Watch Your Favorite TV show
  • Light an Aromatherapy Candle (Or use Aromatherapy Oils)
  • Color (Or Use and Adult Coloring App)
  • Write in a Journal or Diary
  • Have Some of Your Favorite Desert
  • Listen to an Upbeat Playlist
  • Go for a Walk or Walk your Pet
  • Slowly Take a Deep Breath In and Out (Repeat 3 to 5 times)
  • Have a Cup of Tea
  • Take a Short Nap

Recognize When it is in Excess

Some of the activities are good in moderation. But make sure to recognize if you are doing anything in an unhealthy manner. If you find you are working out too much and causing harm to your body, reduce how much you do that. If you find that you are eating in a harmful way, make sure to take note of it. If you find yourself sleeping for extensive periods of the day, remember to not be hard on yourself but take note of this pattern.

Taking note of these things will be important as you move onto the second level. But be patient with yourself. If you are not ready to move onto the next level, accept that and wait until you are ready unless it is absolutely necessary. Also, you are not solely limited to this list as to what activities you can practice as self care.

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Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. If you are in extreme crisis please call your local emergency services or your local suicide hotline. This site is a collection of research and resources to help you.