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Self Care

I am sure many of you have heard of self care. However, there are multiple levels of self care. Most likely you may have heard of the idea of doing face masks, meditation, and more. And those are very good for in the moment. However, I feel there is a concept of self care when considering longevity.

I break self care down into three levels. Work with the levels you are most comfortable with. As you go into higher levels, it becomes more difficult and you may need assistance or you may not be ready yet. And that is okay.


The first step focuses on basic tasks to allow you to calm yourself. It includes tasks such as face masks or listening to upbeat music. This can be good when you are in moments of intense crisis. However, within this level, it is only a temporary fix. It helps you in the moment until you can go onto practice more intense self care, such as that in level two.


This level is where you get to the core of what you are going through.Often this can be done through therapy, mindfulness, and/or meditation. It can be very difficult to talk about what you are going through, so make sure you are ready. Although, if you have reached a crisis point, it may be necessary to skip to this level in order to prevent future crisis.


Here it is all about longevity. Any form of healing and self care will have its ups and downs. This focuses on how to maintain how far you have come and accept any setbacks without punishing yourself.

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Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. If you are in extreme crisis please call your local emergency services or your local suicide hotline. This site is a collection of research and resources to help you.